The Duke of Wellington

dDuke of Wellington


‘Knowledge of dairy production became a matter of interest to many male “improvers”. The Duke of Wellington, the hero of England’s Napoleonic wars, demonstrated an interest in dairy production. He divulged his “particularly advantageous” recipe for butter to Louisa, Lady Mansfield, in an attempt to prove his understanding of dairy processes.

He wrote:

"My dear Lady Mansfield you will recollect that you made very Light of my Dairy knowledge when I ventured to make a suggestion of [sic] you in your beautiful Dairy of Kenwood. I now send you the receipt in question for making Butter ...."

Thus, a prominent group of gentlemen were becoming engaged in dairy pursuits; however, as Wellington’s remarks to Lady Mansfield suggest, women were still perceived as the experts in the dairy practice.’

Dairy Culture:industry, nature and liminality in the eighteenth century English ornamental dairy, Ashlee Whitaker (Thesis, Department of Visual Arts Brigham Young University, April 2008)

Portrait of the Duke of Wellington
reproduced by kind permission of English Heritage




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